About Us


About Us


Eagle Pressure Systems Ahmedabad provides economical high pressure water jet washers and hydro testing pump systems in different industries. We provide Solution and has gained enormous experience and has dedicated itself to heat exchanger/boiler tube cleaning & High pressure water jetting technology for various industrial applications. Our product range includes Industrial triplex plunger pump , Pressure washer , cold washer , FLP Water jet cleaner , car washer , High Pressure water jet cleaner , Portable water jet cleaner , High pressure cleaning , Triplex plunger pump , High pressure plunger pump, High Pressure pump , Electric hydrostatic pressure test pump , High pressure surface cleaner  and many more.

Our company work closely to meet the customer’s requirements by innovating new technology and updating to achieve the utmost customer Satisfaction. We always focus on the customer individual requirements , while designing manufacturing of the high pressure water jet washer pumps & systems. Our company manufactures an extremely wide range of standard products as well as offering tailor made systems, while enable effective usage of high pressure water jet cleaning systems. 

We provide professional and industrial cleaning equipments which are very sturdy and meant for handling tough cleaning applications as per client requirement.

Eagle Pressure systems offers exclusive solution for different types of  applications in various industries as below.

Ø  Boiler/ Heat exchanger tube cleaning

Ø  Industrial surface cleaning

Ø  Heavy duty vehicle cleaning

Ø  Cross county pipe line hydro testing

Ø  Pressure vessel hydro testing

Ø  Tank & Vessel cleaning

Ø  Hydro pressure jet cleaning

Ø  Hydro blasting

Ø  Ship hull cleaning in marine industries

Ø  Wet sand blasting